Whatever Happened To Thanksgiving

Halloween items appear in the stores in September, and Christmas trees are seen in October and that is all shoppers see and hear until New Years Day. One holiday that should be seen more frequently but is mostly absent is Thanksgiving. You forgot about that one, huh! Let me remind you again the value of this secretive holiday.

The meaning of Thanksgiving is simple: getting together and giving thanks. Families and friends get together and have a special dinner: turkey, stuffing, corn, rolls, cranberries, and pumpkin pie are the traditional foods; families also enjoy the comfort of being together. Many family members travel from all over the world to spend Thanksgiving with their loved ones. They may rarely see one another, so being together is very important to them; catching up on the events of their lives and to reminisce about the past.

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that many families participate in traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation. One tradition that some people share is going out to the woods and shooting, cleaning and cooking their own turkey. Another tradition that takes place in many households is the after dinner activities.

The men usually watch football and the women are in the kitchen washing dishes and enjoying each other’s company. Another after dinner tradition that is sometimes passed on to each generation is putting up the Christmas tree.

Thanksgiving has been around for many centuries. The very first Thanksgiving dinner was in 1621, with the Pilgrims; they came to America to begin a new way of life. The pilgrims befriended and began trading with the Indians. The Indians helped the Pilgrims survive the harsh winters by teaching them to harvest the land. The result of their friendship was the Thanksgiving feast. It was both sides way of saying thank-you for the help.

Today it seems that Thanksgiving is just an unseen cloud passing in the night.  Halloween costumes, candy and decorations come out on the shelves in September. In October, instead of Thanksgiving decorations, Christmas trees are displayed. Also in October, Christmas commercials are beginning to play regularly and the holiday shopping has begun. There is a half row of Thanksgiving items in most stores in the month of November, but the rest of the aisle and two others like it are Christmas decorations. Thanksgiving is downplayed in most stores around America, because the stores feel that Christmas and Halloween make them more money. Thanksgiving is not as commercialized, which can be good or bad. Thanksgiving is not overly exploited like most holidays are now, but it is underestimated; Thanksgiving just does not get the recognition it deserves.

Another example of Christmas overtaking Thanksgiving is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Every year millions of Americans watch the parade, and what most parents and children are waiting eagerly for is not the Tom Turkey balloon but the arrival of Santa Claus.

Every year, it seems, there is less about Thanksgiving and more of the holidays that surround that day, like Halloween and Christmas. Thanksgiving should be prominent in everyone’s life. The other holidays are important, and need to be celebrated also but those holidays can never be forgotten. Thanksgiving is unnoticed, and it really should not be, it is a time when love and togetherness are united. Halloween is not so much a get together for extended family members and Christmas is so busy, everyone is always on the go; there is not much time for sharing and family time together. Thanksgiving Day is plenty of time to relax and visit with our loved ones.

It is time for the Halloween display to come down, and what will go up in its place, surely not Pilgrims and turkey decorations. It is time for the snowmen and Santa decorations; Thanksgiving is usually forgotten. We really should remember the special holiday of Thanksgiving; it is a way for us to celebrate how thankful we are for all we have.


About genevievelilithvesta

Genevieve Lilith Vesta began her dream of writing at ten years old. She wrote poetry and children's stories. At twelve years old, Genevieve discovered the art of horror and began to write in that genre to this day. She wrote her first book, a children's story after her daughter was born. A fantasy called, Jessika and the Magic Staff. Genevieve was born and raised in Michigan until the age of thirty-seven when she moved to Virginia with her husband and three children. There she finished her second book, a horror/occult novel called, Hell's Grim Tyrant. Genevieve's third book, The Sacred Dagger is a continuation of Hell's Grim Tyrant, which will be a series of four books. She also has a book of poems, essay's and stories called, Daily Emotions and another children's book called, The Adventures of Sam and Erika. Genevieve also has a book called, The Burning Within Our Heart, which is short stories about the beautiful emotion called love. She finished her new book called, The Chosen Child. It is about a cult called The Order of the Clarifying Luminosity, The OCL for short. The OCL wants to rule the world but needs the power of one woman in which to do it. Jenna has the power to bring about the cults new reign and she also has the power to destroy them. Which path will she choose?
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